Mosfilm transportation workshop provides all kinds of vehicles needed for the film-, video- and TV-shoots.

Vintage vehicles

Special vehicles:

  • Trailer for actors

    Mounted on the chassis of MAZ-4370. It is designed for the making-up and the recreation of the actors on set. It has a make-up section, LCD television, DVD, air conditioning, autonomous heating, сomposting toilet, shower with hot water, microwave, refrigerator.

  • Bus for costumes and makeup (Grimwagen)

    Mounted on LiAZ bus. It has a break room, a make-up section with two armchairs and large mirrors, wash basin and сomposting toilet, dressing room equipped with an iron and an ironing board. In the bus, there is an additional 250V lighting and sockets. Grimwagen is powered by the autonomous 6-kilowatt Honda generator.

  • IVECO Daily vehicle for actors

    The vehicle for actors, mounted on IVECO Daily 50C15VH, is designed for recreation and work of actors and directors on set. It is a van that is divided into two areas: recreational and working-technical.

    It has:
    • make-up section
    • two big wardrobes for costumes with solid hangers and large mirrors
    • sofa to have a rest
    • table in the working zone
    • 6-kilowatt 220V engine generator for clients' own needs
    • Electrical batteries for heating of the van
    • Air conditioning
    • сomposting toilet
    • wash basin with hot and cold water.
  • Camerwagen (vehicle for transportation of the camera equipment)
  • Camerwagen (vehicle for transportation of the camera equipment)

    Mounted on UzOtoyol bus, designed for the transportation of the camera equipment. It has handy shelves to place equipment on, editing table, dark room, four passenger seats. The vehicle also has autonomous heating and air conditioning.

    Camerwagen mounted on IVECO Daily 50C15VH

    Designed for the transportation of the camera equipment.It has six passenger seats.
    It also has:.

    • strengthened shelves for camera sets
    • brackets for camera dolly tracks
    • table for equipment assembly and film reload
    • Сlightproof curtain for film reload
    • Special hooks for installing the camera using the tightening straps

    Lighting systems and mobile power stations

    Lighting system

    Consist of 70kW Wilson generator and a lighting station – special vehicle with a trailer equipped with racks and shelves for transportation of the lighting equipment and tripods and tracks for the camera dolly.

    Auto Generator with a lighting system on the chassis of Mercedes ATEGO 1223

    Cargo space – 4 m

    Auto Generator with a lighting system on the chassis of MAZ 437041

    Cargo space – 3m

    Both light stations equipped with the 80 kW generators with additional requirements related to the noise level (65 dB)

    Cargo section for transportation of the lighting equipment has:

    • tail lift for convenient loading and discharge of the equipment
    • shelves for lighting devices

    Mobile 100 kW power station (Lichtwagen) based on Ural 43203. It produces a 380/220V voltage and provides 110 V DC.

    Wilson generator

    Mobile 70 kilowatt Wilson generator, 320 W in a noise protected body on the chassis of the car trailer

    Portable 5-12 kW generators

    Vehicle for camera operators

    Vehicle for camera operators mounted on Mercedes 616 CDI

    • Full range of options for convenient driving
    • Ability to install platforms on any side of the vehicle
    • Telescopic system for fastening the vehicles needed for shoots
    • Vehicle's cabin is equipped with the video surveillance system, video recorder (miniDV) and two LCDs

    It is possible to use the crane MovieTech MT 400 on the platform of the vehicle for panoramic shooting in motion

    • Maximum length is 11 meters; maximum load is 42 kilograms
    • Maximum length is 3 meters; maximum load is 220 kilograms
    • Camera platform can be installed at 5,6 meters height
    • Double-axis electronic Da Vinci camera control head
    • You can control the head from the cabin or any platform
    • Ability to use crane in steady state

    Van mounted on Mercedes-Benz Atego 815

    Equipped with the tail lift (the length is 2,2 m., maximum load – 1200 kg.). Designed for transportation of the Xtreme MT12 crane, shooting equipment, and oversized props


    Wind machine

    An electrical unit that creates the wind. Powered by the Lichtwagen (mobile power station), the wattage is 60 kilowatt. The unit has the 20-55 Hz speed governor.

    Pyrotechnical vehicle mounted on IVECO Daily 50C15VH

    Passenger transport:

    Bus with eight seats (insurance)
    Bus with 14 seats (insurance)
    Bus with 17 seats (insurance)
    Bus with 43 seats (insurance)

    Freight transport:


    Props vehicles

    Designed for transportation of the props, equipped with the rear hydraulic lift.

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