The fifteenth Mosfilm stage with a total area of 310m2 has a green stationary solid chroma screen. A size of the screen is 14Х14m, the height is 6m, the corners are rounded, the sides are adjacent to the floor. The stage is equipped with a system that allows installing the lighting devices under the ceiling, electric boards for connection, positive pressure ventilation system, control area, telephone communication, a place for actors and props.
The size of the screen allows shooting not only actors but also props of the large size. It is possible to set an auto inside the stage.
The stage is designed for the shooting of films, animation, TV, commercials and music videos, for photo shoots. Here you can comfortably conduct both staged and scenic shoots. To make it more comfortable, a place with lounge rooms for actors and make-up rooms is adjacent to this studio. The lighting equipment to use in this studio is provided by the Mosfilm camera equipment department.



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