Computer graphics section consist of three technology units and offers the relevant services:

  • Making of visual scenery and special effects using five Hewlett-Packard computer graphics work stations with the most sought-after software in this field. The work stations operate in the bunch with the high-speed arrays of large volume and the high-performance render farms.
  • Two hardware-software systems "Autodesk Flame Premium" working in the bunch with the studio cinema projector BARCO DP90 (display) and with the professional reference monitor DOLBY PRM-420. The systems allow to make the conforming, create visual effects (software package FLAME) and also make the color correction (software package LUSTRE) of products for subsequent screening in the cinema, as well as for video and television according to all the relevant standards.
  • Mastering and remastering (including into 3D-format) of digital film copies (DCP) and other digital materials using the hardware-software system DVS CLIPSTER. This system also allows to convert digital materials into different formats and to display the digital products through the cinema projector BARCO DP2000 in 2D and 3D formats.
  • Digital restoration of the film and video products on four workstations using the software "The Pixel Farm PFClean." This system also allows getting rid of visual defects, such as scratches, "trash," overexposed areas, volatility and unbalanced density of the image (light and color "breath" of the image), etc.



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