The information center Mosfilm Info consists of a library, a reading room, an archive and a video library

The library of Mosfilm-Info contains the unique collection of fiction and specialized literature, as well as pictures and photographic materials on history, art, architecture, industry and agriculture, military affairs and transport, ethnography, household, characters, costumes, etc. We provide detailed and reliable information on a wide variety of topics, helping the scriptwriters to fulfill the intent of the future film more accurately, and helping the production designers and costume designers to recreate any country or era on the screen

The archive deals with the films that were made in the studio since the 1920s. Here we keep and gradually convert into electronic format film shots, photos from the shoots, portraits, shot lists, literary and director's scripts, the reviews collections, diplomas to awards won by our films on different festivals and showcases. Also, we can provide you with the precise information about the Mosfilm films and with photo materials of high quality related to those films (some of our photo materials you can find here)

The Video Library was founded not so long ago, but it already has a wide variety of videotapes and DVDs which is regularly updated. The Screening room of the video library equipped with the home cinema system allows enjoying the masterpieces of Russian and world cinema fully. Besides, Mosfilm Info has a collection of sketches of costumes and scenery for our films, film posters, and also the prizes and valuable gifts presented to the studio in different years.

The Information center provides services for the selection of reference and illustrative materials:

Museum Funds in the Mosfilm history from 1924 to the present

  • film shots
  • photos from the shoots
  • film posters
  • portraits of directors and actors
  • photos from photo castings
  • different documents and reference materials (shot lists, press compilations, scripts and other documents)

Library and visual library with materials on different eras - for recreating scenery, interiors and costumes of different countries, cultures and periods.

  • history and everyday life
  • art and architecture
  • industry and agriculture
  • military affairs and transport
  • household, character, costume



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