Department of international relations and distribution is engaged in the distribution and popularisation of new Mosfilm films, as well as the films made in the past years. The Mosfilm film collection includes more than 2000 films.

Department focuses on the organization of Mosfilm international activities, as well as film- and video distribution in Russia and abroad.

1. Activities of the Department of the international relations in Russia and CIS countries:

  • distribution of new films and films from the Mosfilm collection for cinemas in all Russian regions
  • release of new and old films on DVD and Blu-Ray
  • release of music CDs with songs from the popular films
  • monitoring the observance of copyrights

2. International activity of the department:

  • all types of Mosfilm films distribution abroad, including theatrical, TV, VOD and other
  • participation in international films festivals
  • organization of Mosfilm film festivals in different countries


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