Digital Cameras

The shooting equipment is represented by the flagship ARRI digital cameras of ARRI ALEXA line

Film cameras

A unique collection of the old shooting equipment made in USSR and abroad!


A full range of Carl Zeiss Distagon / Planar / Sonnar, Master Prime, Ultra Prime

Other shooting equipment

Displays, zoom systems, laptops, VCRs, prime lenses, crash boxes, converters.

Initial sound recording

Modern digital equipment for sound recording; microphones with different direction patterns

Additional camera equipment

Non-standard and unique tripods, camera cranes and dollies

Lighting equipment

LED lights with color temperature from 3200K to 5600K, programmable stroboscopes, tripods

Being one of the leading technological workshops of Mosfilm, camera equipment department provides the most up-to-date filming equipment that allows you to meet different challenges arising during the process of making films, clips, commercials, and meet the most demanding requirements of the camera operators and directors due to a wide range of technical characteristics.

The skilled workers of the camera equipment department will always help to find the best - or alternative - solution for any issues related to preparation and usage of the equipment ordered by you; consult you, answer any questions and help to carry out auditions.


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