MAX and Mini MAX are the most up-to-date, non-standard and in some way exceptional tripods designed by MSE company for use with the lighting devices, as well as for a quick set-up of the cameras, additional equipment and elements of the scenery in hard-to-reach spots. They are often used in such spots where it is impossible to use the standard tripods and camera cranes. They are perfect for stage shoots.

MAX - is a large tripod. It has a reach and a lifting range of up to six meters. Carrying capacity is 34-80 kilograms, depending on the length of the arm. Horizontally the arm can be set up at a height of three meters. In a folded condition MAX has a size of two meters and weights 85 kg.

Mini MAX - looks like its "older brother," but much smaller in size and weight. You can use it to elevate the lighting device weighing up to 6,8 kg to a height of up to 4 m (with an arm length of 2,7 meters). Decreasing the arm length, you can increase the weight of equipment. Mini MAX design allows setting up on uneven surfaces - for example, on stairs. In a folded condition the size of the MAX is about 173 cm, the weight - 11,4 kg.

Camera cranes

PHOENIX camera crane consisting of several sections with an arm reach of seven meters (for two persons) and 8,5 meters (for one person) and MT-400 crane with a similar construction and capable to lift an operator to a height of six meter or operator and assistant - of four meters, have more smooth and easy run compared to the analogues, and also the excellent ergonomics.

MT-400 crane can be set up on the camera operator vehicle mounted on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. If desired, MT-400 crane can be equipped with two or three flat, not stabilized HOTHEAD-II and DA VINCI heads, that significantly expand opportunities for director and camera operator to implement their ideas.

Our specialists will quickly and qualitatively install and de-install the crane and will provide the maintenance on set!

CINE JIB camera crane with the functions of camera dolly, the maximum platform lift height is 3,5 meters. The crane is equipped with everything you need for shooting the most difficult shots

Camera dollies

MAGNUM camera dolly - is a multi-purpose dolly with programmable functions and combined wheels, that allow you to shoot using both studio wheels and tracks. It can be fitted with the DUO JIB crane arm with a maximum possible platform lift height of up to three meters of with a LOW RIG "lowest point".

PANTHER camera dolly - is a multi-purpose dolly with a very smooth run. It can be fitted with:

  • SUPERJIB II crane arm
  • adjustable VARIO JIB crane arm (with a length of 2,6 meters)

U-BANGI (90 cm, 140 cm, 200 cm) - is a device providing a smooth and easy horizontal run of the camera with an ability of 360* rotation.

DINO camera dolly is equipped with a full range of camera mounts and combined wheels and also with a crane arm MINI JIB (1,2 meters) for stage shootings; it is possible to use a "narrow" version (from 40 cm) for a limited space.

Camera dolly Movie Tech Sprinter Max Kit is a lightweight dolly which can be used both on wheels and on tracks. It is fitted with the additional

Wind machines

Wind Machines of 180W and 4kW power with a smooth speed control



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