Are you looking for a job in the film industry? Are you looking for a professional for filmmaking?

Mosfilm start agency of the film industry specialists is an extensive database containing a maximum of information about the specialists of various occupations, working in the film industry. We pick up a film crew according to all your wishes. 

We provide a selection of the specialists working in the film industry. Our database on all the occupations related to the cinema is constantly updating. Our specialists are both experienced and young workers who finished our training courses and completed practical training at Mosfilm.

Our clients are producers, directors of film companies, directors of production centers and TV-channels, organizers of the corporate events and children's parties, directors of film and theatre crews.

Our specialists took part in making of such films as "Dve sudby-1,2,3" (Two destinies, Valery Uskov, Vladimir Krasnopolsky), "Vivat, Anna Ioanovna!" (Svetlana Druzhinina), "V kruge pervom" (In the First Circle, Gleb Panfilov), "Bagrovy tsvet snegopada" (The Crimson Color of Snowfall, Vladimir Motyl), "Dzhokonda na asfalte" (Gioconda on Asphalt, Vladimir Naumov), "Pobeg" (Escape, Egor Konchalovskiy), "Kislorod" (Oxygen, Ivan Vyrypaev), "Likvidatsia" (Liquidation) and "Isaev" (Sergey Ursulyak), "My iz budushchego" (Black Hunters, Andrei Malyukov), "Piter FM" (Oksana Bychkova), "Rusalka" (Mermaid, Anna Melikian), "Mongol" (Sergey Bodrov), "Passazhirka" (Passenger, Stanislav Govorukhin), "Ischeznuvshaya Imperiya" (The Vanished Empire, Karen Shakhnazarov), "Stilyagi" (Hipsters, Valery Todorovsky), "Dvenatsat'" (Twelve, Nikita Mikhalkov), "Tysyacha shestsot dvenatsaty" (1612th, Vladimir Khotinenko), "Admiral" (Andrei Kravchuk), "Taras Bulba" (Vladimir Bortko), "Zhivi i pomni" (Live and Remember, Alexandr Proshkin), "Obitaemy Ostrov" (Dark Planet, Fedor Bondarchuk), "Svolochi" (Bastards, Aleksandr Atanesyan), "Yuriev Den" (Yuri's Day, Kiril Serebrennikov), "Chudo" (The Miracle, Aleksandr Proshkin), "Ivan Grozny" (Ivan the Terrible, Andrei Eshpai), and many others.

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