Mosfilmofond section of Mosfilm film company contains film-, audio- and video materials created on Mosfilm in different years, including positive copies; source film materials (negative images, negative phonograms, magnetic phonograms, internegatives and interpositives); videotapes in BETACAM SP, BETACAM DIGITAL, HDCAM, HDCAMSR and other formats.

Mosfilmofond experts provide the incoming inspection of the technical quality and configuration of the source film-, audio- and video materials coming from Mosfilm studios for safekeeping; prepare them for a long-term storage; create all the necessary normative and technical conditions for their preservation; take the necessary measures to slow down the aging process of the materials and transfer them to new media.

Mosfilmofond section created a unique database of all the TV-, film- and video materials made on Mosfilm or with a use of its technical base, and this database is constantly being updated.

The Database includes:

  • information on the availability
  • technical description
  • information on technical conditions of the materials related to the above-mentioned films


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