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You'll get to know the legendary Mosfilm studio,
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Individual tours

You'll have a unique opportunity to visit our studio with your own small group and with a personal guide at any time convenient for you. Also, you'll get a unique opportunity to take photos with the exhibits. Duration of such tour is two hours.


Arranged groups

You'll get your tour as a part of the arranged group. If you want to visit the film studio, but you do not have a possibility to form your own group, you can sign up to our arranged groups. Duration of such tour is an hour and a half.


Group tours

Guided tours for students and adults in groups of 20 to 35 people. You'll visit our museum, backlots and stage, you'll get to know our architecture and monuments. Duration of such tour is an hour and a half.


Online movie theater and YouTube channel

Watch movies whenever and wherever you want

For all movie lovers, we have collected a complete collection of films of the Mosfilm film company with high quality images and sound. Make yourself comfortable, watch right now.

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