Department of international relations and distribution

Department is focused on the organization of the international activities of film company and film and video distribution in Russia and abroad.


Department is focused on the implementation of broadcasting rights in Russia and in countries of the former USSR, and also on the Internet film distribution


A key unit governing the interaction between the workshops and the customers in the course of filmmaking.

Комплекс операторский техники

The Camera Equipment Complex is equipped with the most modern professional cinemachinery, which allows solving various problems arising in the creation of feature motion pictures, serials, clips, promo tapes.

Recording Studio (Tonstudio)

The largest and best-equipped recording studio in Russia. Nowadays its services are constantly used not only by the leading film companies but also by the prominent representatives of the Russian and global music industry.


The film editing section is equipped with the most advanced equipment of the leading manufacturers which allows to carry out the full circle of works on sound and picture editing of documentary and feature films.


Telekino department provides a full range of services in the field of film production under digital and traditional technologies.

Computer graphics section

The Digital Cinema and Computer Graphics Complex production complex offers entire workflow digital post-production steps – starting from footage processing and storage to publishing final mastering copy.

Film processing lab

The film processing lab produces sets of source film materials quickly and qualitatively for taking it to Gosfilmofond .

Set of means for stage and performance

A unique collection of costumes, furniture, and props, which includes both genuine items from the XVIII-XX centuries, and those created according to sketches of the leading Mosfilm artists.

Mosfilm Decorstroi

The resources of Mosfilm Decorstroi make it possible to create scenery of any complexity for setting it both indoors and outdoors.

Military technical cinema base

This is a whole production complex consisting of tank, artillery, automobile and firearms sections.

Transportation workshop

This is a whole production complex consisting of tank, artillery, automobile and firearms sections.

Weapon section

Independent unit of Mosfilm. It has more than 3300 different weapons.

Information center Mosfilm-info

The Information center Mosfilm-info consists of a library, a reading room, an archive and a video library.


This is the collection of audio and video materials related to the films that were created on Mosfilm in different years. The materials include positive copies and source materials.


Mosfilm film company gives young people an opportunity to acquire qualifications for any film related occupation they chose.


Mosfilm editorial board considers the scripts, as well as applications and synopsis of full-length feature films.

Mosfilm Hotel

This is a small, cozy hotel located in a quiet environmentally friendly area in close proximity to downtown and historic center of the city.

Mosfilm Museum

Visit our museum. Sightseeing tour of the biggest Russian film studio, getting to know its past and present.