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Address: 1 Mosfilmovskaya St., Moscow 119991, Russia
E-mail: reg@mosfilm.ru
Phone: +7 (499) 143-9100


Kievskaya Station

then by bus 91k, 119, m17, or t34 to the Mosfilm stop

University Station

then by bus 119, m17, or t34 to the Mosfilm stop

Lomonosovsky Prospekt Station

then by bus t34 or 119 to the Mosfilm stop

For Tour Bookings

Head of Tour Department
and Museum
Elena Lvovna Morozova

For Business Inquiries

Head of Central Facilities Office
Sergey Vladimirovich Minenkov
Director of Tonstudio
Post-production Complex
Tatiana Yurievna Balter
Head of International Relations and Distribution
Elena Vladimirovna Orel
Chief Specialist at TV Rights
Natalia Aleksandrovna Alatskaya
Head of Camera Equipment Complex
Tatiana Sergeevna Nikishkina
Head of Costume and Props
Anna Vladimirovna Timofeyeva
Head of Transportation Workshop
Vladimir Yurievich Razin
Manager of Mosfilm Hotel
Elvira Fanilievna Konnova
Head of Public Relations (Mosfilm-Info, Archive)
Gayane Romenovna Ambartsumyan

For Media Inquiries

Press Secretary
Eugene Petrovich Dolgikh
Head of Public Relations (Mosfilm-Info, Archive)
Gayane Romenovna Ambartsumyan


Director General
and Chairman of the Board
Karen Georgievich Shakhnazarov
Deputy Director General
Andrey Alexeyevich Gushchin
Deputy Director General,
Head of Legal Department
Svetlana Stanislavovna Pyleva
Irina Vadimovna Savrasova
Alexey Andreyevich Senkovsky
Director Administrative and Maintenance
Evgeny Pavlovich Koloda


Call Center
Working hours from 8 AM to 10 PM
Administrative Office
Working hours from 9 AM to 5:45 PM

Frequently Asked

How do I join a tour?

The tour can only be accessed as part of an assembled or self-organized group. More details in the Tours section.

Where can I park?

There are parking bays along Mosfilmovskaya Street where you can park during your visit to Mosfilm. Parking is free.

How do I rent props?

Our Costume and Props Department works with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. You can view the catalog and place an order on the website dkr.mosfilm.ru

Where do I send my movie script?

You can send your scripts, applications, and synopses of full-length feature films to the Mosfilm Editorial Office. If interested in a script, our Editorial staff will contact the authors.

How do I enroll in film production training courses?

Admission details, applicant requirements, next enrollment date, and study terms for specific specializations are posted on the Mosfilm website in the "Training Courses" section. Stay tuned for updates.

How do I obtain rights for a movie, still Image, music, or song?

Contact the Television Rights and Internet Projects Department, which handles film distribution rights for TV stations and online resources.

How do I apply for a job?

If there are job openings, we post them in the "Careers" section.

When does Mosfilm plan to present all the films in our online theater?

We do digitization and restoration and upload them to the website progressively. Regrettably, it is impossible to specify when exactly a certain movie will be available on the website.

How do I acquire the rights to a movie?

Mosfilm Film Group only grants rights for the films that were directly produced by Mosfilm. To obtain the rights, you need to contact the Television Rights and Distribution Department.
However, various film companies operate on the production and technical base of the Film Group, utilizing our services for their own projects. Mosfilm does not have the rights to screen the films they have produced. You should directly approach the rights holders. We do not have their contact information.

How can I secure a job in a film crew?

Currently, Mosfilm Film Group does not independently undertake projects but offers production services to different film companies. You should contact them directly.

How can I join the cast?

The acting department at Mosfilm is currently closed, you should contact other acting agencies or film crews, unfortunately, we do not have their contacts.
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Company details

Federal State Unitary Enterprise Mosfilm Film Group
  • Legal address: 1 Mosfilmovskaya St., Moscow 119991
  • Actual address: 1 Mosfilmovskaya St., Moscow 119991
Bank name: PJSC Sberbank, Moscow
  • Current account 40502810038260100029
  • Correspondent account 30101810400000000225
  • OKPO code 00002938