The amount of modern film production in Russia is regularly increasing. More and more films are made, more sophisticated equipment is used, digital and electronic technologies are widespread. In this regard, there is a growing demand for the young professionals of so called mid-level: assistant directors managing the actors and the props, co-directors, costume designer assistant, set designers, mechanics maintaining the shooting equipment, video engineers, cameraman assistants and second camera operators, props men, wardrobe managers, films and scripts editors, positive editors, editor assistants and ProTools editors (sound editing), etc. That is why in 2000 Mosfilm, the leading company in the Russian film industry, started the Training Courses..

The idea to start them belongs to the Director General of the Mosfilm film company Karen Shakhnazarov, who pays much attention to the educational process and himself conducts creative meetings with the students.

Classes are principally free. Not being an educational institution, Mosfilm film company uses its profits to make it possible for young people to get a chosen occupation in the cinema industry. Classes are run by the creative workers of Mosfilm, the famous film makers, and VGIK teachers. After the courses, all students do practical training in film crews.

Since the establishment of the courses more than 1500 people got an occupation connected to the film making, and the vast majority of them still work in this field. As statistics shows, more than 80% of our graduates have found their place in modern film making process. You can find the names of our graduates in film- and series credits next to the names of the famous masters of the Russian cinema.

The training program is very intense the students study both the major and the general subjects: a history of world cinema, history of foreign and Russian theater, history of sound cinema, history of costumes, basics of film directing, cinematography, film production, and many others. Also, our students have access to the screening rooms, the reading room of the library and creative and technical facilities of Mosfilm film company.

During the studies the leading Russian filmmakers conduct master-classes, and prominent directors, camera operators, artists, and composers conduct creative meetings. Such masters, as Stanislav Govorukhin, Aleksandr Adabashyan, Vadim Abdrashitov, Vladimir Khotinenko, Aleksandr Askoldov, Gleb Panfilov, Lyudmila Kusakova, Anatoly Kroll, Aleksandr Proshkin, Alla Surikova, Svetlana Druzhinina, Andrei Eshpai, Nikolay Lebedev and many others share their experience with the future film makers.

The duration of training is from three to eight months, depending on specialization. Classes are held on working days from 10 am to 18 pm.

All the information necessary for the enrollment – requirements to the applicants, date of the next enrollment, duration of the training for your specialization – is posted on the official Mosfilm site a month prior to the next enrollment (follow the announcements).

The enrollment takes place after examining the CVs sent by the applicants and after the creative interview.



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