Mosfilm Decorstroi is the department that builds the scenery at Mosfilm nowadays. That is the structural subdivision of FGUP Mosfilm film company.

The Scenery created by Mosfilm Decorstroi in recent years.

Mosfilm Decorstroi resources make it possible to create scenery of any complexity for setting it both indoors (in studios) and outdoors, as well as to carry out certain kinds of works on scenery design.

In addition to full-length feature films, Mosfilm Decorstroi builds scenery for TV-series, music videos, commercials, entertaining TV-shows, cultural events, presentations, exhibitions.

The Scenery built by Mosfilm-Decorstroy create the setting required by the client. It can be historical or modern, new or artificially aged; it can have different national or geographical specificities.

Indoor scenery.

  • The most common kind of scenery. Flats, apartments, halls, winter gardens, offices, industrial premises, working premises, back rooms, hallways, entrance halls.

Outdoor scenery.

  • Urban areas, rural areas, streets, squares, roads, glades, country sites, forest, mountains, snowdrifts.

Specific scenery.

  • Railway car, ship, plane, submarine, spaceship

The production base of "Mosfilm-Dekorstroy" and the qualification of our employees allows us to carry out the whole complex of works on manufacturing such decorations, as well as provide separate services to organizations.

What we are capable of:
  • architectural development and design of scenery
  • making of wooden structures
  • making of metal structures
  • making of structures from modern polymeric materials
  • making of structures from styrofoam
  • carpentry and locksmithing
  • prop-related works
  • vacuum forming
  • creation of textures
  • making of props
  • particular works (artificial snow, freeze, web, aging of props, etc.)
  • making of sculptures and forms
  • drapery (tailoring and installment of drapes and backgrounds)
  • art works
  • colour blending
  • wall painting
  • fabric painting
  • background painting
  • props painting
  • aging
  • painting and graphics
To carry out this work qualitatively and on time Mosfilm Decorstroi has its production base:
  • Architectural and estimating office equipped with the modern computing and graphic equipment
  • Сarpentry - all kinds of woodworking, work with other materials (styrofoam, polymeric and other materials)
  • mechanical section - metalworking, welding, making of metal structures)
  • vacuum forming production facility
  • props workshop
  • drapery workshop
  • sculptural workshop
  • painting workshop
  • colour workshop
  • our high-skilled professionals: architects, artists, sculptures, prop masters, painters, scenery installers, carpenters, locksmiths, drapers



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