Film processing lab makes the sets of source film materials for taking it to Gosfilmofond quickly and qualitatively.

Nowadays Mosfilm film processing lab offers the following services:

  • making the sets of source materials
  • development of 35mm and 16mm, color and negative films with ECN-2 (Kodak) process in developing machine PHOTOMEC (UK)
  • making of optical phonograms in mono, DOLBY SR, DOLBY SR*D, DTS recording systems using the most up-to-date laser equipment MWA LLK IV (Germany)
  • development of 35mm negative phonograms in developing machine PHOTOMEC
  • sensitometry tests for all the used color and black-and-white, negative and positive films, as well as films used for optical phonogram recording
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of film materials
  • printing first run and master film copies of the negatives on BHP copying units
  • printing release film copies of the internegative in the high-speed BHP (USA) copying units
  • development of the color positive prints with ECP-2D (Kodak) process in the high-speed development units PHOTOMEC
  • negative cutting using the workprint and the editing form, the edited film in BETACAM format and the editing passport, attaching the standard film leaders to the optical phonograms and images, synchronization, dismantling of negatives, selection of takes for editing and scanning, preparing negatives for video transfer
  • making of interpositives and internegatives in the traditional way using the intermediate films of Kodak and Fuji companies
  • coding of individual parts of the release film copies using a special coding device for protection against piracy.
  • film washout and recycling
  • development of the 35mm and 16mm black-and-white negative films with D-96 and B-97 process
  • development of the 35mm and 16mm black-and-white negative films with ECN-2 and C-41 process
  • technical examination of the film materials for decision on further use

The film processing lab of the Mosfilm film company has the most up-to-date technological equipment, the latest technologies in the sphere of the processing of the negative and positive films are used in production. The high-skilled professionals providing the high quality of the products are working in this lab.

The film processing lab of the Mosfilm film company includes the following departments:

  • section of negative film development
  • section of positive film development, section of printing
  • section of color and light settings, section of negative cutting
  • sound technical section
  • section for restoration and ultrasonic cleaning of the film materials
  • Testing laboratory
  • Section for receiving and assembling orders
  • Stockroom of source film materials

The technical control section controls the quality of the current negative, interpositives and internegatives, positive film copies, evaluates the quality of video and audio. Film copies are watched on the CTM DEBRIE (France) displays.

For actual quality control, Technical control section uses two screening rooms. The first one has 15 seats and the most up-to-date multifunctional equipment for screening. It includes two "Kinoton" (Germany) projectors with replaceable multi-format optical heads. These devices allow us to watch video at projection speed from one to 40 fps, both forward and backward, in a freeze frame mode, in synchronous operation mode simultaneously from two positions on one control panel. Also, it allows us to rewind film at a rate of up to 100 frames per minute, forward and backward. In the room, there is a sound playing system: mono, stereo, Dolby, DTS. Besides, the room is equipped with a computer system for controlling the sound quality.

The second screening room has 60 seats and is equipped with two projectors Kinoton with replaceable multi-format optical heads. There is also a sound playing system: mono, stereo, Dolby, DTS



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