In several halls of the Mofilm museum, the elements of various scenery are collected - the old Copenhagen from the film "Andersen. Zhizn bez lyubvi" (Andersen. Life Without Love) by Eldar Ryazanov, a replica of the huge bull, in the carcass of which doctors put poisoned Cesare Borgia in the film "Yady ili Vsemirnaya istoria otravleny" (Poisons or the World History of Poisoning), ancient postal and royal carriages, and much more.

The highlight of our collection is the vintage cars. Peugeot phaeton made in 1913, open Rolls-Royce cabriolet of 1913, Russo-Balt of 1913 - all these cars feel pretty good in XXI century. All of them are restored, brought back to a working order and, despite their age, look like they have just come from the conveyor belt. Some of them are represented in Russia in a single copy. Each exhibit has an unusual story behind it. The famous Volga could be seen in such films as "Beregis' Avtomobilya" (Beware of the Car) and "Brilliantovaya ruka" (The Diamond Arm). "Mercedes-Benz" produced in 1938 was a car in which Stirlitz traveled in "17 mgnoveniy vesny" (Seventeen Moments of Spring), Buick-Eight made in 1941 once belonged to the Manchurian emperor Henry Puyi. The Packard car created in 1937 for a long time was the official car of the Soviet political elite - Voroshilov and the legendary pilot Chkalov rode in the car of this kind. Here you can also see the legendary governmental cars ZIL-101 of the year 1936 and ZIS-110 of the year 1945, trucks, buses and military vehicles from the times of the first and second World Wars.

Our collection of costumes is a subject of the great interest. In the presented exposition you will see the dress that Elen from "War and Peace" by S. Bondarchuk wore, Andrey Rublev's monk clothes from the film of the same name by Andrey Tarkovsky, the luxurious fairy costumes from the film "Skazka o tsare Saltane" (The Tale of Tsar Saltan) by A.Ptushko, the tsar's costume from the film "Boris Godunov" by S. Bondarchuk, and many others.

The exposition of the museum is changing constantly, because many exhibits are still used in films, so when some items are sent to the film set, others are taken from the richest collection of the studio.

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